-- Do you Use it?

It is time to renew our domain name (  There is a cost to maintain it and I would like to know if the website is something you still want to continue.  It is a good way to contact everyone or to post updates regarding your own e-mail information.   By updating your profile, you are able to receive any information about our Class of 63.  You also get notifications of classmate birthdays.  

That being said will you please complete this  brief survey to determine if I should continue with the website.  Thank you all -- hope life is treating you well.  :)


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1)   * Should the website ( continue in its current fashion?

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2)   * How do you use the website?

3)   Since we did not have a reunion this year, one will be scheduled for next year. I would like some feedback on the time of year that would be best. We have traditionally held it at the end of August and Beginning of September.